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quality and certificates  

The quality of our products is a constant concern of our technical department as a result we have implemented standard ISO 9001 (International quality certificate). Our recent creation of an analysis laboratory, of last generation, together with the ISO 9001, makes that we can ensure and guarantee the quality of our products. Our R&D department is developing innovative alloys, respectfully with the environment (ecological). We would like to explain you in the near future, these projects of R&D, some of them with multinational companies of recognized prestige.


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our laboratory

Our quality department has its own latest laboratory tester (Analyzed Spectro) calibrated in order to analyze a wide range of metallic alloys in tin-silver base, tin-copper, ternary solders, quaternary solders, antifriction, bronze, etc

Analyzed Spectro equipment the material for testing is vaporized by sparks discharge. Atoms and ions are released during this lighting process. This light is focus to optical systems where is tested by CCD technique. The Analyzed Spectro has been recorded with calibrate dates in order to compare with register test. Obtained Results are showed in percentage and displayed on the screen.



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