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Estaños & Soldaduras Senra, S.L.U., with more than 25 years experience, is one of the main Spanish alloy manufacturers in tin-silver alloys, tin-copper, high silver content filler rods, copper phosphorus rods, as well as a complete line of flux, for the mentioned products, leading the Spanish market.

Our product’s purpose, basically, is to serve as support of soldiering per capillarity for copper pipes, in installations of: plumbing and heating, gas, air conditioning, industrial cold, etc… The quality of our products is a constant concern of our technical department as a result we have implemented standard ISO 9001 (International quality certificate).

Our recent creation of an analysis laboratory, of last generation, together with the ISO 9001, makes that we can ensure and guarantee the quality of our products. Our R&D department is developing innovative alloys, respectfully with the environment (ecological). We would like to explain you in the near future, these projects of R&D, some of them with multinational companies of recognized prestige.

The main reason for contacting you is because our wide acquired experience and our high technology, makes that Estaños & Soldaduras Senra, S.L.U., has increased gradually his presence in the international context, following an ambitious plan of international development.

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