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Estaños Senra S.L. is one of the main spanish manufacturers of alloy with tin-lead base, as well as a wide range of products in various sectors such as the building industry, electronics, imitation jewellery, car industria and so on.
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Soft soldering alloy Antifriction bearings
Hard solderings Electronic
Lead profiles for stained-glass  

BALVER ZINN Grants Sub-License to Estaños y Soldaduras Senra, S.L.U.

Balver Zinn today announced that it has granted a sub-license to Estaños Senra slu, for the popular SN100C® alloy patented by Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. for manufacturing and sales throughout Spain. Estaños y Soldaduras Senra, S.L.U., with more than 25 years’ experience, is one of the leading Spanish alloy manufacturers of lead free solders, white metal alloys, anodes, high silver content filler rods, copper phosphorus rods, as well as a complete line of flux, for the mentioned products.

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Balver Zinn y Estaños Senra

Polígono San Cibrao das Viñas
Calle 9, parcela 41
32901 OURENSE, Spain
Apto. Correos #275

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N 42,18929º

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Polígono San Cibrao das Viñas
Calle 9, parcela 41 32901 OURENSE, Spain
+34 988 256 966 / fax: +34 988 256 968