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Antifriction bearings  
White metal or Antifriction bearings are manufactured with high pure metals in order to achieve soft, tough and ductile ingots with our high-standards levels of quality.

Our company is able to produce different antifriction alloys according with customers specifications.

Functions: Bearing refill for navy sector, industrial application, power station, etc.


We have available two types of compositions according to tin content:
  • Antifriction with lead:
    S1) 80%Sn; 12%Sb; 2%Pb; 6%Cu
    S3) 78.50%Pb; 15%Sb; 5%Sn; 1.50%Cu (high lead content)
  • Ecological lead-free antifriction:
    S2) 89%Sn; 7.5%Sb; 3.5%% Cu

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