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Soft solderings alloys

The soft soldering alloys (their fusion point is around 260ºC), also known as alloys of tin, are classified in three big groups :

  • Tin-Silver alloys (Platinum)
  • Tin-Copper alloys
  • Tin-Lead alloys

Flux (descalant) for soft welds
We has a wide line of fluxes with a great market success. We can distinguish two big groups:

  • Senra Gel
  • Senra Líquid

Hard solderings
Phosphorous alloys for soldering
Silver alloys for soldering
Termic protections
Flux (descalant) for hard welds

Cleaning thread
Non-cleaning thread
Threads for metallization
Ecological ingots and anodes  

Our R&D department is developing innovative alloys, lead-free, respectfully with the environment as ecological ingots and ecological anodes:

  • -SAC 300 (97%Sn; 3% Ag)
  • -SAC 305 (96.5%Sn; 3%Ag; 0.5% Cu)

Lead profiles for stained-glass Antifriction bearings

Estaños Senra S.L.has a wide catalog of lead profiles, such as polishing lead and lead finished in different measures and hardness.

Antifriction with lead:
S1) 80%Sn; 12%Sb; 2%Pb; 6%Cu
S3) 78.50%Pb; 15%Sb; 5%Sn; 1.50%Cu (high lead content)

Ecological lead-free antifriction:
S2) 89%Sn; 7.5%Sb; 3.5%% Cu

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